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Preventative health Screening
Important Update: Australian Government Bowel Screening Program Now Includes 45-49 Year Olds
Dr. Christine Greenwood’s 12-Week Menopause Consultation Program
The Importance of Winter Skin Checks: A Must for Year-Round Health
Go Pink for Breast Cancer: Support the cause this June
Clinic Hours
New Winter Hours and Early Morning Consultations at Our Clinic
Childhood Immunisations
Important immunisation clinic changes
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Inspirational women
“Her Medical Stands Strong: Supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month”
Empowering Women: Our Partnership with APNA for Endometriosis Care
Rejuvenate Your Skin: The Power of Vitamin C and Topical Retinoids – By Dr Megan Kelly
“Navigating the Menopause Journey: Pre, Mid, and Post-Menopause Insights”
“Everything You Need to Know About IUD Insertion”
Preventative health Medication
Arrange a medication review and “Eliminate medication confusion”!
Preventative health Team care arrangement
There’s strength in a team
Preventative health GPMP Care Plans
Empower yourself, be involved in the decision making of your care!
“Supporting cancer care as a team approach”
Preventative health Obesity
“A holistic approach to managing obesity”
Thyroid Preventative health
“newly diagnosed with Thyroid conditions and the health team to best help manage and treat your condition”
Preventative health Ulcerative Colitis
“Ulcerative colitis what interventions can help my symptoms?”
Preventative health Eating Disorders
“I have received a diagnosis of an eating disorder, and my doctor is recommending allied health intervention. “
Preventative health IBS
“Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and allied health involvement in your care”
Preventative health Chron's Disease
“Chron’s Disease and a team approach to care”
Preventative health Arthritis
” I have been diagnosed with arthritis, and my doctor wants to involve the care of an allied health team”….
Preventative health Asthma
“What benefits can I expect from involving allied health professionals in managing my asthma more efficiently ?”
Preventative health Cardiovascular Disease
“What team comprises a holistic approach to my cardiovascular disease?”
Uncategorised Preventative health PCOS
“I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and now my doctor has recommended allied health intervention”
Preventative health Endometriosis
“how would I benefit from having allied health as part of my endometriosis care?”
Preventative health Diabetes
“why has my doctor recommended to involve allied health into the care of my diabetes”?
Preventative health Over 40s
“I’m over 40 what’s my cardiovascular risk?”
Women's Health Pelvic Floor
What is the Pelvic Floor?