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“I’m over 40 what’s my cardiovascular risk?”

when I turned 40 I saw it as a significant milestone in terms of health awareness.  My mother passed suddenly, and I missed the opportunity to ask her about any known family health risk factors. So, I started to consider undergoing appropriate health screenings such as my cardiovascular risk. I wanted to be proactive with my health management and preventing or addressing any potential health issues.” 

Melinda Kaka – Practice Manager Her Medical

A healthy heart check, also known as a cardiovascular risk assessment or heart health screening, is recommended for individuals who have specific risk factors or fall into certain age groups. The goal of such checks is to identify early signs of cardiovascular disease or assess the risk of developing heart-related problems. Here are some general guidelines on who should consider having a healthy heart check:

Adults Over 40: Adults aged 40 and above, especially those with no known heart conditions, should consider having a heart health screening. This can help assess their risk factors and establish a baseline for future comparisons.

Adults with Risk Factors: Individuals of any age with one or more risk factors for heart disease should consider a heart health check. Common risk factors include:

High blood pressure (hypertension)
High cholesterol levels (dyslipidemia)
Diabetes or prediabetes
Obesity or overweight
Family history of heart disease
Sedentary lifestyle
Unhealthy diet

Family History of Heart Disease: If you have a close family member (parent or sibling) who experienced heart disease at an early age (before 55 for men or 65 for women), it may be prudent to undergo heart health screening, regardless of your age.

Personal History of Heart Conditions: Individuals with a history of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular issues should have regular heart health checks to monitor their condition and manage risk factors effectively.

Sedentary Lifestyle: If you lead a sedentary lifestyle with little physical activity, a heart health screening can provide insights into potential cardiovascular risks and encourage lifestyle changes.

Melinda and mum Ellen

If you plan to start a new exercise program, make significant dietary changes, or undergo major life changes affecting your health, a heart health check may be beneficial to assess your current cardiovascular status.

It’s essential to remember that the specific recommendations for heart health screening may vary depending on factors such as country guidelines and individual health circumstances. If you are unsure whether you should undergo a heart health check, consult your primary care physician or a cardiologist. They can evaluate your individual risk factors and medical history to determine if a heart health screening is necessary and recommend appropriate steps to maintain a healthy heart.


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