Dr Maree Kekeff

Breast Surgeon

Dr Maree Kekeff

Breast Surgeon

 Introducing Dr Maree Kekeff – The Breast Surgeon MBBS FRACS BreastSurgANZ

I am Maree -The Breast Surgeon.

I am an expertly trained breast surgeon, having worked extensively in the best breast cancer centres in Australia and internationally.

After completing my general surgery fellowship I was selected into the highly competitive and esteemed fellowship BreastSurgANZ training to further enhance my breast cancer treatment skills.

I had the privilege in New Zealand to be under the tutelage of Dr Peter Chin in Tauranga who is world renowned and a leader in his field of oncoplastic breast surgery.

At Australia’s leading cancer research and treatment centre; Chris O’ Brien Lifehouse in Sydney, I have continued high level development of my surgical skills and at the forefront of breast cancer research.

As a woman, I was particularly drawn to the specialty of breast surgery due to an innate understanding of the sensitive nature of breast disease and the complex interplay with both physical and emotional impact of it. It is for this reason that my mission is to create a breast centre to encompass the multifaceted aspect of breast surgery.

My operative training includes
Wide local excisions (lumpectomy), simple Mastectomy and post mastectomy implant based reconstructions, including nipple sparing options.

Breast reduction with lift is a central part of my practice as well as working with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons for more complex reconstructions.

All of these treatments are supported and optimised by an integral team of experienced and enthusiastic allied health practitioners.