As we get older, we all need to be a little more aware of our health

Together at Her Medical we support seniors to age well. The goal is to maintain the highest quality of life and Her Medical is focused on prevention, identifying risks early and preventing problems later in life so that the patient can enjoy an independent, high quality of life in their senior years.

Common Conditions

Anti-aging Care


The general practitioners at Her Medical are driven to utilise anti-ageing knowledge aimed at treating and preventing diseases associated with growing old.

Getting older is inevitable, but the process can be slowed down if healthy preventative life choices are made. Part of the preventative solution is being proactive and ensuring that you are participating in all preventative processes available to you.

Keep your mind and body at their best.

Mental Fitness, Movement and Balance

Exercise is used as a lifestyle prescription to reduce pain, better manage chronic conditions, and improve sleep and life mood.

Over 60's Annual Screening

  • Osteoporosis Risk Assessment
  • Skin cancer checks
  • Heart disease risk assessment
  • stroke risk assessment

Over 60's Bi-annual Screening

  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Blood pressure check
  • Sleep and related disorders
  • Mental health screening and optimisation
  • Eye test

Over 60's every 5 Years

  • Dementia screening and risk assessment
  • Screening blood tests
  • Falls prevention and risk assessment
  • Keeping up to date with vaccinations
  • advanced care directives

Together we are here to support ageing well Book an appointment today.