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Dr. Chris Briggs

General Practitioner

Chris grew up in Melbourne, and completed his primary medical degree at the University of Melbourne in 2006. Soon after, he decided to spend a year enjoying a working holiday on the Gold Coast, but never quite made it back to Melbourne!

For well over a decade now, Chris has been a GP on the Gold Coast well-known for his interest in paediatric and women’s health. He has worked as a GP with special interest in the paediatric outpatient clinic at Gold Coast University Hospital, he is a long term medical educator with GP Training Queensland, and has provided education on paediatric and women’s health topics in a range of other settings. Chris has also recently commenced as the GP working at a local high school as part of the new ‘GP’s in schools’ pilot.

Despite being the ‘he’ at her medical, Chris joins us with extensive experience in women’s health!

He particularly enjoys providing early pregnancy care during this often uncertain time, and is trained in pregnancy ultrasound which he can provide onsite at Her Medical. Providing a comprehensive, woman centred approach to contraception/family planning is also an area of expertise.

Chris says, “I had been looking at setting up my own clinic for a while, one that focused on providing the highest standard of GP/community based care to women and children, but when I was introduced to her medical, I realised it had been done for me!”

Areas of Interest:

  •  Paediatric care – acute illness and chronic conditions
  • Antenatal/pregnancy care – including bedside ultrasound assessment
  •  Family planning – Including hormonal and copper IUD insertion/removal
  • Menstrual abnormalities
  •  Sexual health
  • Iron infusions
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