Dr Muhammed Chothia

General Practitioners

Dr Muhammed Chothia

About Muhammed

Dr Muhammed Chothia, a seasoned medical professional, earned his qualifications from Flinders University in 2005, following an
undergraduate and Master’s degree. With a diverse background spanning various medical fields across Australia, his expertise reflects a
rich tapestry of experiences.
Dr MC’s interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology is evident, having devoted substantial time to these fields. He has honed his expertise with
a Fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, focusing on Women’s and Sexual Health. Specialising in
contraceptive solutions, he offers personalised advice and performs both Mirena and Implanon procedures. His commitment extends to
cosmetic medicine, where he excels in providing anti-wrinkle and filler injections.
His unwavering dedication is to understanding each patient’s unique narrative, with consultations characterised by a thorough and
unhurried approach. Dr MC’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that patients are valued individuals, and he seeks to provide
compassionate, skilled, and professional care to reach their optimal health goals.
Beyond the clinic, Dr MC embraces a holistic, balanced approach to personal and professional life, finding joy in family moments and
adventures with his wife and two young daughter


Special Interests:

Women’s Health
Cosmetic Medicine (Anti-Wrinkle and Filler Injections)
Sexual Health
Contraception including Implanon and IUD (Mirena, Kyleena, Copper) procedures
Antenatal Care
Children’s health