As Queensland Health restrictions ease and border security relaxes our clinic plans to  increase vigilance but remain sensible. Our priority is to protect staff and patients in our practice from the risk of COVID-19.

Be assured we have robust policies and procedures in place, with an active COVID-19 Safety plan, and rigorous hygiene measures.

We will be introducing screening questions for all patients on arrival and over the phone. Please be patient with our team as they follow clinic procedure. This process aids in ensuring potential COVID patients are not sharing the waiting room with vulnerable persons. This will not limit access to your GP or medical care as alternative options will be offered.

Compulsory Mask Wearing

This is a private clinic and we require a mask to be worn over nose and mouth on entry and at all times


  1. Patients and staff cannot socially distance whilst in clinic
  2. The Gold Coast is on a moderate covid alert
  3. We are protecting vulnerable persons who attend clinic

If you do not wear a mask, you will be offered a telehealth consultation.

Queensland Guidelines for Positive or Probable Patients

Those with symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis are eligible for a telehealth consultation, where a GP in our clinic can:

  • Discuss your symptoms and review your safety
  • Send E Scripts to your phone to assist with any medication support
  • Payment is required over the phone for medicare rebates are available to eligible card holders

Low risk with no or very mild symptoms

Self-manage at home with GP support where possible.

Patients can monitor their symptoms via the RACGP Symptom Diary and escalate if required.

If you require general advice only visit I have COVID-19  or contact

  1. 134COVID 13 42 68
  2. 13HEALTH 13 43 25 84
  3. The National Coronavirus Helpline 1800 020 080

Moderate risk or symptoms

Your GP can refer people who meet this criterion to the Gold Coast COVID-19 Virtual Ward where you can be monitored and assisted more closely.

The Gold Coast COVID-19 Virtual Ward cannot assist with advice regarding release from isolation nor can they manage a notification of RAT (Rapid Antigen Tests)

Severe Symptoms

At any time, if you have severe symptoms (such as new or worsening breathlessness, chest pain or tightness) call 000 and ensure they are advised the you are (or are likely) to be  COVID-19 positive.


Our clinic supports the science behind vaccination and we encourage patients to be vaccinated. Vaccination is not available within her medical, patients should refer to Queensland Health for vaccination hubs.

From December 15 2021 all persons working within our medical centre are required to be fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated means having received 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Evidence of vaccination for each person has been provided.

Symptomatic Patients

The symptoms of COVID-19 include:

fever (a temperature of 37.5˚C or higher)

chills or night sweats


sore throat

tiredness (fatigue)

difficulty breathing


muscle pain (myalgia)

loss of sense of smell (anosmia)

distortion of sense of taste (dysgeusia)

nausea and vomiting

joint pain

loss of appetite

runny nose

acute blocked nose (congestion)

Uncommon symptoms may also occur. These include chest paindiarrhoea and conjunctivitis.

All patients deemed at risk with symptoms will be directed to 4 Cyte Pathology COVID screening @ 63 Ferry Road Southport for a COVID swab

Whilst awaiting a COVID-19 swab result patients must return DIRECTLY home and isolate away from other members of the household. Ensure they wear a mask when around others and closely monitor their symptoms.

Symptomatic patients are encouraged to call the clinic (07) 5616 8070 to discuss alternative options, and in some cases arrange a telehealth consultation if support is needed for symptoms or any other non-urgent medical condition.

Prescriptions for treatments can be sent to you and a pharmacy electronically ready for family or a friend to collect for you. 

Seek emergency medical care immediately if your condition becomes serious or you exhibit any emergency warning signs.

Symptoms and adjustments to your care

Some patients in our clinic are severely immune compromised and more vulnerable than most. It is our duty of care to provide a safe environment to all persons attending the clinic. It is vitally important that you truthfully disclose if you meet the following criteria by phoning ahead so your Doctor can provide alternative consultation arrangements:

Respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms such as sore throat runny nose cough diarrhea fever sinus infection headache loss of smell or taste

Are not wearing a mask

Have had a recent covid test regardless of the result

Telehealth consultations are available and for those whom the Doctor wishes to see in person, a temporary area has been allocated downstairs from clinic. You WILL NOT be refused care.

All symptomatic children will be seen please call reception to arrange for Doctor to care for your child in the designated area.

Contact Tracing

We must assist the local public health unit to contact trace in the event that a person attends the clinic whilst infected. Please ensure you are using the QLD Health check in app or manually enter your details in our visitors book. 

Community Transmission

In cases of community transmission tighter measures will be introduced. These will involve logistics of movement in and around the clinic, the wearing of masks and other infection control measures. Please refer back for updates.